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Searching for Domains

Our expired domain search tool provides you with an interface to search through tends of millions of domains quickly and efficiently. This training piece will guide you through how to use our data to your fullest advantage and allow you to hand pick domains that are suitable for your current linking campaign.

For a fee of GBP £0.25 per search, you can search our entire catalogue of expired domains using a multitude of parameters to fine tune your search, elaborated upon here. The pricing allows TDN to provide you with a wealth of data across the entire domain space, so you can find domains in any niche, at any time. These domains are available to register and/or host, both inside or outside of our system, the choice is yours.

You can start searching for expired domains by logging in, alternatively you can find the page by using the top navigation under the "Tools" dropdown.

A Quick TL;DR

Everyone has different ideas of what a good domain is, what spam is, and how to rank. I will tell you my simple formula that has worked for years and is based on common sense. Jason's excellent blog posts covering how to find golden nuggets and 12 years a domainer sum things up nicely.

When I need links, I'm not overly concerned on the Trust Flow metrics, or a foreign anchor here or there. All I'm interested in is a domain that has at least a couple of quality backlinks from unique referring domains, preferably from unrelated websites. That alone is worth a domain registration fee and then some. I've seen (and helped) domains rank for competitive niches, consistently over a number of years this way. N.B. "Competitive" would be search phrases that command ad budgets tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros a month or higher.

Observing others, I see an obsession with Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority and all the other metrics that don't quite quantify the usefulness of a domain. Often you will see people offering domains with inflated metrics (e.g. or metrics rather than itself, just because the numbers look fancier). Once you get into a mindset of this domanin has trust flow X and therefore is not useful, you're losing out and narrowing your selection of potentially useful domains.

You should use trust flow and other metrics as a filter to narrow down the results you're looking at, but not base your decisions on numbers alone (hint, look at the backlinks of a domain every time)

Quite simply, find relevant domains, register them, host them with content (or 301 them saving you the need for content) to your money websites and scale this process up to the required number of domains you need. Be careful not to leave fingerprints indicating that your link building efforts are deliberate and easily traceable to one person/entity.

It's really that simple.

Searching for domains in The Domain Name

Search for a domain in The Domain Name

All domain searching starts here... The TDN Search Box...

Your choices for searching are:

  • Including Anchors
  • Excluding Anchors
  • Including Domain Name
  • Excluding Domain Name
  • Including both Domain Name and Anchors
  • Excluding both Domain Name and Anchors

These powerful search feaures, especially when you combine them together in one combined search, enables finely grained data and information to be returned to you.

There are also filters that help you exclude common spammy words (not necessarily spam, but keywords involved in competitive niches)

Include Good Backlinks

We have selected Anchors, "anchors" being another word to describe the text used for a link to a site.

Most of the time you will want to enter anchor words that match the theme of the domain you want to link to. You can also search the domain name for matching words, or use no words at all and simply use Topical Trust categories (more on that below).

Finding contextually relevant websites to link to your own site is fundamental in having a strong backlink profile, as it helps search engines better understand your content and thematic relevance. Relevancy is king, just ask a search engine and you'll see!

Include Good keywords

Exclude bad keywords

Exclude Bad Backlinks

By inputting words in a Negative search filter, that are off topic, but maybe included due to your positive search requirements, you can make sure you don't get off topic domains returned.

E.G. If you had searched for [car] in your positive search anchors but added [cards] in your negative search filter than you will get domains with [cars] as backlinks but none with [christmas cards]

A negative search filter also works very well to exclude common spammy topics.

Add Minimum and Maximum Metrics

In this example we are saying we want at least 10 separate and distinct C Class IP's pointing to domains that will be returned by the search.

These numbers are relatively high but it's worth seeing if anything is available at the higher end of the scale, it only takes a few seconds after all.

You can include any of Majestic's excellent metrics, such as Citation Flow or Trust Flow, as well as domain name extensions (Top Level Domains, or TLD) or domain name length. You can also combine them together.

An example maybe:

  • C Class Min: 10
  • TF Min: 10
  • CF Min: 10
  • Domain Length Max: 10
  • TLD:
Selecting minimum C Class

Exclude UTF8 Characters

Advanced Search Features

One of the features is the ability to exclude non ASCII characters in the Anchor Text of links to a domain. We call it filtering UTF8, but if you do filter you will only receive back sites that have links in the American Standard Code for Information Interchange format and will exclude languages not supported by ASCII such as Chinese, Russian and many other non English languages.

This functionality is really a shortcut for people looking for English based anchor text but want to exclude potential off-topic links in other languages, though it may rule out domains with perfectly legitimate links if you use it exclusively. There's absolutely nothing wrong in an English based website having a link from say, a French or Chinese website.

Topical Trust Flow Categories

If you want granular control over the Topical Trust Flow categories that the domain name results will be within then click here and you will then be able to select the specific categories of Majestic's Topical Trust Flow that domains will be returned from. You are able to search for topical trust categories by themselves, or in conjunction with anchor & domain keywords

Topical Trust Flow Selection

Any categories that you select in this window will be the only categories of domains that will be returned for your search.

By default, all categories are selected.

Topical Trust Flow Categories

Domain Search Results

TDN, Domain Search Results Page

The results of your search are shown. In this example we have 5,600 results containing the anchor keyword "testing".

Once you have the results you should now enter your detailed research stage.

Our Research Training Page goes into further detail about the decision making process of revealing domains...