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Registering Domains

When you register a domain through the TDN system it will be registered in a very special way.

We are not a registrar ourselves and that's a good thing. If all your domains were registered through one registrar it would appear unnatural and deliver a big footprint. Because of this we have integrated with many registrars and we randomly register a domain with one so that your registrar footprint is diverse and natural. It is the right way to do it but a major pain in the ass to do manually, and hence why we make it easy for you to do it the right way in TDN

Any domain you register via TDN belongs to you for as long as you have it registered through us.

You don't have to find domains via our expired domain name search, you are able to register any domain you like in our system, simply navigate to the domain registration screen and take it from there.

Registering a Domain

You are able to choose which registrar you wish to use to register your domain. Regardless of which one you choose, you will be able to control your domain within our own system... you don't need to sign up with the registrars or communicate with them, we will handle all that for you.

The number of registrars available will depend on the TLD of the domain you wish to register.

Some registrars may be able to offer you private registration for free or for a small fee. This will hide your details from WHOIS records.

The green box shows our registration guidance, we will indicate to you the basic requirements for registering a domain under a particular TLD, and you can decide whether you are elegible or not.

All registrations require contact details, so the registry knows who the domain belongs to, or looking at it an alternate way, who you want the world to believe owns the domain.

The slowest way to complete this section is to enter all registrant, tech, admin and billing contacts manually. A less laborious method is to fill in one of them and then clone the details using the provided links in the form

The most practical way is to bulk upload your contact details via the account overview section, that'll allow you to point and click which contacts at registration time.

Registering a Domain

Registering a Domain

If you have used the bulk contact upload facility, you can choose from your existing contacts and simply click on which ones you want to use.

This can dramatically save the amount of time it takes to register a domain from minutes into seconds. When you are done choosing your contacts you can close the contact modal down and continue with your registration.

For some TLDs there may be additional details you need to provide in order to complete the registration. If there are, they should be fairly self-explanatory to you. Note that they are mandatory questions asked by the registry, we don't add these extra questions in for fun.

Lastly, you will see the credit cost for purchasing the domain. If you have purchased domain privacy that is not free, this will be reflected in the total.

You can submit your domain to register it right now, or place the domain into a registration queue that our admin team will take care of.

Registrars can be quite finicky about the formatting of contact details, so you may receive an error or two from them if thing aren't quite right. Often the errors reported back can be quite vague. If you find yourself in that position, simply queue the domain and we'll take care of it. We may get back to you requesting additional information, otherwise the domain will be registered on your behalf.

Registering a Domain

Note that domain registration is generally instant, though some TLDs may take an hour or two until they are properly registered if the registry has a manual process to perform. This is entirely out of our control and normal for those particular TLDs.

Please be aware that different domain name extensions or Top Level Domains (TLDs) have different rules for registration. We do not stop you from registering any domain but we give general guidance (this is also the case in our expired domain search, before paying for domains), so you are able to do your own checks to make sure you can comply with each registrar organisation registration rules.

We'll help with advice and functionality within the TDN system, but ultimately the rules for registration, including verifying your domain name via email are your responsibility.

Upon success, congratulations! You will have acquired a brand new domain. You will be redirected to the domain dashboard where you can set up DNS or perform a variety of other functions.