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What Do the Experts of Search & Marketing Say About Our Founders?

They seem to like us...

Rand Fishkin, Founder Moz

Jason is one of the online marketing world's earliest and most aggressive adopters of new technology, ideas and roles. He's moved across multiple companies and industries over the years and always brought refreshing disruption and a forward-thinking approach. His network, skills and creativity have made him an invaluable asset to many who lacked great marketing and I've personally learned a lot from him at each of our infrequent, but valuable, interactions

Cristoph Cemper, Founder LinkReseachTools

Jason is a top notch SEO I've known for years. His insights into highly specific miracles of Google, highly competive industries and a great gutfeeling for opportunities is unparalleld. If you get the chance to work with Jason, take it

Richard Blundell Director of Strategy, PWC

Jason is a very smart online marketer. He spots what's coming next, and gives everything to exploit it. Oh, and everyone knows him!

Nick Garner, CEO 90 Digital

Having been about the SEO game for some years now, there are very few people in SEO who I still have deep respect for and Jason is one of them. I know a reasonable amount about search engines, but Jason's knowledge is waaaaay above mine and instead of just being a teccie, he has managed to mix his understanding of search engines with marketing to get some amazing results. As Jason knows, whenever he talks 'search engine' I pay attention

Gareth Davies, Co-Founder & CEO Adbrain

There's no doubt about it, Jason is a leading authority on SEO whose knowledge is dizzying even to a hardened Google employee! It was a pleasure working with such a straight talking search expert

Matt Gallant, CEO Infinite Profit Solutions

Jason is a FREAKING SEO GENIUS. I've been in this game for 7 years and I've never met anyone even remotely close to his level of nitty-gritty experience combined with his amazing mind. If there's a better SEO man out there -- I haven't met him

James Barnes, Founder, BrandGateKeeper

As all these other recommendations will testify when it comes to online marketing, and in particular SEO, Jason is the expert’s expert – the person to whom top people turn when they need help to solve complex problems. Having worked across different companies and verticals over the years he’s not only brought fresh ideas to those he’s worked with, but always been one-step (or more accurately yards) ahead of the game with his innovative and forward thinking approach and strategies. With his superb skills, approachable manner and network of friends and partners Jason is an invaluable asset to any business

Peter Kamstedt, Business Director DDB Stockholm

Jason is one of the sharpest minds in online marketing. He is pedagogical, commercially savvy and incredibly creative. I have come across Jason both as an employee at a listed company and as an entrepreneur. What strikes me is that he not only has the structured mind required by a senior manager at a huge company, but he has also the entrepreneurial mind and drive to succeed. And he very much helped me succeed. I strongly recommend him for any role in the world, from President of the Universe to SEO-Ninja

Paul Madden, Founder Kerboo

Jason has always provided highly technical and accurate advice and strategies for anything search related. His knowledge in the field of SEO is second to none and I would have no hesitation in working with Jason again or in recommending him to others.

Russ Jones, CTO Virante

You know those keywords people say are impossible to dominate? They are. Because guys like Jason are working on them. Jason is one of the best SEOs in the industry. Period

Shai Heffetz, Managing Director Intertrader

Delivering results. In a nutshell that's my experience of working with Jason. He will not bore you with the complexity of the solution or how hard is it to over come to present the challenge , he will just find the way to achieve the goal and deliver the goods. Smart,simple and extremely affective.

Hugo Dalrymple-Smith, CEO Sedo Europe

Jason was a valuable asset to Sedo in identifying the SEO value and potential of several high level domain sales including From a personal perspective I would view him as a true expert in his field

Olivier Amar, CEO and Founder MyPermissions

Giving a recommendation to Jason feels like a I'm throwing red paint at a red wall. He is red. Jason is one of the most talented people I've had the luck of working with. His insight into everything online, SEO and performance marketing is really second to none. When I worked for the WSOP, I was actually a second choice to Jason. I am not going to say I hope to work with him again, because I know I will. He will make anything I do easier and better

Mikkel DeMib Svendson, Founder

Jason Duke is one of the best kept secrets in advanced international search engine marketing! I have known Jason for several years and have always been amazed by his unique skills in both technology and marketing strategies. He always has creative solutions to just about any marketing challenge. I have mostly worked with Jason in very competitive markets and advanced issues such as online brand reputation. Jason has perfect skills for this sort of work. Jason has also become one of my good personal friends. It is easy because he is such a nice person to be around

Marcus Tandler, Partner Tandler.Doerje.Partner

Jason is by far one of the brightest minds in SEO. He has a refreshing understanding of what´s going on in search, and his theories and techniques for online promotions are sound and effective. Book him now... before your competitor does!

Glynn Higginson, Head of Online MYOB

Jason was a great but hyperactive boss. His excellent knowledge of SEO, online marketing as a whole and notoriety in the industry for his eccentricities made him well worth working for. He taught me an awful lot and was never protective of his knowledge.