As you know The Domain Name system contains every domain name in the world that ever had a website on it but is now an expired domain and hence available to register
. Because of the size of that data and to use a Gold Rush analogy, there is obscene amounts of gold, but there is one hell of a lot of dirt to be moved to get to it.

TDN removes 95% of the dirt for you by only having domains with links in the system and available for you to find, but that final 5% does require some work to be done, ensuring that the 24 carat pure gold is all that is left for you, to deliver the rankings you could only dream of.

When searching for domains I always enter in “discovery mode” – Trying to get a feel for the system and the domains available in my or my clients’ niche.

I always enter the biggest most competitive of search phrases in the search box to start.

N.B. IN the following text [ ] is used to denote a search query. The square brackets are not part of the query but contain the term to be searched.

I don’t want [roofing shingle repairs in Greensboro North Carolina] I want [roof].

I take that mega term (or whatever it equivalent for the niche you want to rank in) and stick it in system, making sure it is set to +Anchor only.

I leave all the other boxes and options as standard.

This will return a number of domains that match the query – In this example, all domains that have [roof] in their backlinks. When I just searched for that phrase I got over 11,000 results. Loads of domains, but too many to work with. All of them are potential gold, but we want to reduce the count so we have less work to do…..

The search is about drawing a line in the sand to understand the maximum number of domains that are available worldwide for the niche. It’s equivalent to Todd getting his pan out prospecting some new land, to check there is some gold out there!

From here on in, it’s all about reducing the count so we can comfortably look at them individually and finding the most productive “Dirt to mine” 🙂

TDN does NOT pre filter any domains and that is by design. The truth is that although you may not like a particular domain we have clients that love something you may call spammy. Whether in online gambling, pharmaceutical, porn or other industries….. we let you…. the user… make the decision what is a good domain for YOUR needs and requirements.

So… now you have a master number, and as I said above, we need to reduce that count to make it manageable.

I’d suggest adding in the TLD field the domain extensions you are interested in. If you are only interested in the US market then look for the common English language domains.

com net org info us biz etc

There are plenty more too, and don’t limit yourself if you don’t want to… Foreign language links still send amazing link love and power and in all truth, if you were to check out your competitors in the SERPs you’re fighting against, I bet they’d have links from other countries…

Anyway… that big number has likely reduced from the starting point, as you restricted it to just some domain extensions…

Is the number low enough yet?

If you don’t work in an industry that is considered “Spammy” then add a check mark to the filters on the left – Eliminate domains with the various topics!

If not… I’d suggest adding another search query in the box at the top left, below where you entered your term.

If you add another search query, they will combine – So… for our research reasons, we could add [shingle] to box two, to add on another search with [roof] that we have in box one.

We’re telling the system to tell us about all the domains, in the extensions we asked for… with [roof] and [shingles] in the backlinks.

We should get a very good and focussed set of results back, perfectly matched to our niche and hence delivering the power of the targeted backlinks we want.

Do you still want to filter them further?

Try making Class C count of 7, and on the right hand side, check Advanced filtering and find the relevant Topical Trust flow categories from Majestic and add that in too.

You can order the list anyway you like, whether it’s C Classes, Trust Flow etc

What you now have is an ultra targeted list of domain names – the creme de la creme. The pinnacle of domains… or as Jack would have said on Gold Rush… “You’ve hit the motherload and found the glory hole!”

For each of the domains that are in this much smaller list – click, check backlinks…

You’ll see obscene amounts of data coming up. Everything from the anchor text, the domains linking in, the backlinks to the backlinks, the spread of IP addresses and a load of other granular data.

We share that data so you can make a wise informed choice as to what domains are right for you. If you are unsure… move on… but once you’re ready click Reveal and only at that point will you be charged a credit… Your credit price depends on your subscription level but can be as little as a few bucks.

When you click that button we double check everything behind the scenes, including making sure the domain is physically able to register. Sometimes we get multiple people searching for the same niche, and so whoever clicks Reveal 1st gets it!

1st come, 1st served at TDN

Then you know the domain name. If you want to go and register it at your favourite domain registrar you can….

Or… you can simply click a button and choose between loads of registrars we have integrated with. We pass on our savings through bulk buying and it’s likely easier, simpler and cheaper for you to register it via us.

N.B. Check the Account Overview link in the Nav, then the “Bulk Upload Contacts” option. It could save you a LOT of time in registering domains with lots of different details. 😉

Once the domain is registered you’ll want to get content and have it hosted ASAP – You’ve bought it, it’s best to use it and take your rankings to the moon as soon as you can.

We offer hosting and it’s just a click away…. but more on that in a while. What if you want to revive the old site or even 301 the whole domain to your money site?

Well… if you register the domain with us, then every domain has a control panel in the control panel for that domain, you can do a mass 301 at no extra charge. You click the “Update DNS and registrar level forwarding link” and then you can simply add a 301 redirect that will send all that link love straight to your core and primary domain… or anywhere you want in fact.

If however you want to build that site out… If you want to rebuild the site as it used to look,then get content from it….

On the Domain Dashboard page for that domain…. which BTW you can always access quickly by typing the domain at the top right hand box in the Nav panel (it will autocomplete as you type) you’ll see the Content tab…

Simply look at the content as it used to and we’ll package it all up for you, ready to be put live on your site.

We charge one credit for this, and it’s money well spent as you can have your site live in next to no time.

If you want it even quicker though…. and if you want hosting on an IP address that is NOT shared with other SEOs and with their PBNs, then add hosting….. It can be as little as $1.30 per month equivalent, and if you take that option, and you had already grabbed the content, we’ll physically make that site live for you behind the scenes…

Just a few button pushes and the site is live…. Yup, the system is that powerful!

Add your links in the simple CMS we provide and you don’t even need to leave the system to get your links out there ready for Google to love!

It’s basically 5 simple steps to success…

  1.  Search
  2.  Refine
  3.  Reveal
  4.  Get Content
  5.  Host and Link

The extra special 6th step is important too – Rinse and Repeat until you rank!

It’s really that simple 🙂

There is a LOT more to the system than I have shared above and that includes the Domain Intelligence tool, that will help you understand your competitors work so you know what you’re up against and also amazing at looking at the uselessness of all the other hosting options out there, when you see how many other PBNs are hosted on the same IP address!!

There is extensive coverage about the rules and regulations for each domain name, however we don’t police this… so you’re responsible for what and how you choose to register a domain name. Along side a myriad of other wonderful toys and things.

Ultimately though the core is about domain names. Finding them and using them for SEO goodness. Cos that’s what helps you with the only stat that matters… the number the ATM machine tells you once you’ve been to the bank and given them all your affiliate commission checks!

happy hunting and ranking


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