Plan & Pricing

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Not ready to commit to a monthly subscription? Why not try out TDN with a Pay as you go account.

All subscriptions are monthly reoccurring payments. You are able to cancel or upgrade at any time. Any downgrades or cancellations are applied at the end of your current subscription period.

Not ready to pay and play? Create a PAYG account at the standard rate of £12.50 a credit. You can upgrade to a subscription at any time.

A quick rundown on pricing. Any transaction you undertake in our system is precluded by a confirmation page. Domain registrations cost the rough credit equivalent of $10 for gTLDs and depends on the TLD and registrar chosen. VPS hosting allows up to five of your domains to be hosted, the server costs 5 credits pre-paid for 1 year and additional domains cost 1 credit per year. Shared hosting is 3 credits per domain per year. WordPress can be added for an additional half a credit.