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Our domain intelligence tool gives you a multitude of filters and options to mine for domains you need to know about. Search hundreds of millions of domains and get the results in less than a second…

  • Interested in your competition?
  • Looking to see if your next web host is a good neighbourhood?
  • Would you like to quickly find on-topic blogs for your next marketing campaign?

We can’t imagine all the possibilities of how to use the data…

What’s Provided:

  • All A, TXT, CNAME, MX and NS records + history
  • WHOIS records + history
  • Popular software used by the domain
  • Topical Trust Flow categories
  • Class C, Trust Flow and Citation Flow headline numbers
  • Whether the domain is in the Alexa top million
  • Majestic Domain Data + History
  • Historical Backlink Growth Rate (or decline)
  • Anchor text is compared against our spam filters and shown to you
  • IP location, ASN number, WHOIS creation and expiry
  • A link to the backlink profile of the domain
  • Instant responses to your queries

How to Use:

  • Enter a choice of your own domains
  • Enter an IP range, as small or large as you like
  • Website Categories with Topical Trust Flow. Choose one, some or all categories
  • Domain Applications like WordPress, Google Analytics or Adsense, choose from hundreds of apps. Optionally enter version numbers or fingerprints like Analytics IDs to refine searches
  • Refine by TLD, choose one, many or all
  • Include or exclude subdomains
  • Any combination of the above parameters
  • Free previews before you pay



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