Content Restorer

Interested in looking at or acquiring the content that used to be on a domain? Our content gathering tool will grab that data for you.

What’s Provided:

  • Enter a domain of your choice
  • A list of dates will be returned with snapshots of the website on that date
  • Content is sandboxed (prevents Javascript and redirects running) but can be turned off if you please
  • Dates are grouped by when the home page of the domain was updated
  • Our graph gives an overview of when new URLs or page assets were added under the domain
  • After content has been gathered, you will receive a gzip archive of all the content, and a list of the URLs (with related info) for reference

How to Use:

  • Simply enter a domain you’re interested in
  • Choose a date
  • Evaluate the content on the page
  • Choose and submit!

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